gas station container Cairo - Aviation 20 ft.

gas station container Cairo - Aviation 20 ft.Infogas station container Cairo - Aviation 20 ft.gas station container Cairo - Aviation 20 ft.gas station container Cairo - Aviation 20 ft.gas station container Cairo - Aviation 20 ft.gas station container Cairo - Aviation 20 ft.

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safety mobile gas station container
standard equipment without optional accessories:
container• double walled
• material: steel S-235 JR
• vacuum controlled
dispenser• 50 ltr/min (calibratable)X
• 100 ltr/min (calibratable)
• hose length in m25
corrosion protection• external KTS-coating-system, RAL 7032
• internal coating
other items• CSC-plate
• preparation for sea transport

Fuel Station Container COMPACT 20 ft. High Cube (HC) double walled for professional applications. 2-chamber version with integrated dispenser platform on the short side of the container

  • ISO version/dimensions as per CSC standard
  • Heavy container frame with 8 ISO corners
  • Double walled, robust, cubical shape, made out of mild steel S 235 JR for the storage of aviation fuel
  • Vacuum between double walls, with certified leakage detection system
  • Certified acc. German DIBT: Z-38.12-23
  • Designed for outdoor installation
  • Standard dimension: ISO 20ft. HC
  • Length: 6.058 mm
  • Width: 2.438 mm
  • Height: 2.896 mm
  • Weight: 6.200 kg (appr. without equipment, empty)
  • Volume: 95% filling height approx.:
    • 12.000 ltr. aviation fuel
    • 11.000 ltr aviation fuel

Roof access ladder, mounted in one of the outer reinforcement profiles (see attachment) 2 x Hatch element on tank roof (see attachment) Dimensions:

  • Length: 1.200 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 200 mm


  • Closing latch
  • Manhole DN 600
  • Connection flanges 5 x A Ø 240 with flange adapters including:
    • 1 x filling connection with filling pipe
    • 1 x stud 1” (inner thread) for dipstick pipe with dipstick in each tank chamber
    • 1 x suction pipe 2" with foot valve, anti-siphon valve and flame arrester
    • 1 x return flow pipe per chamber
  • 1 x stud 2” (inner thread) for ventilation with vent system Ex for petrol/gasoline chamber (outside the hatch element) on top of the roof
  • All required flame arresters per chamber if designed for Ex fluids

Integrated dispenser niche centrical on the container long side for the installation of a dispenser (for equipment in the dispenser niche, please refer to separate price list) Dimensions (appr.):

  • Width: 2.000 mm
  • Depth: 1.000 mm
  • Height: 2.500 mm

Electrical/functional niche to the right of the dispenser niche on the container long side with locking door, containing main control board and the electronic vacuum leak detector: Dimensions (appr.):

  • Width: 1.000 mm
  • Depth: 500 mm
  • Height: 2.500 mm


  • Door with door arrester

Transfer filling niche on the left side of the dispenser niche on the container long side with locking door, containing pipes and filling fittings to connect the filling hoses of the tank truck: Dimensions (apppr.):

  • Width: 1.000 mm
  • Depth: 1.000 mm
  • Height: 2.500 mm


  • Door with door arrester
  • Certified overfill protection with type approval for automatic tank chamber filling (optional)
  • Filling system with installed couplings for coupling of tank truck hose
  • Equipment variations (optional) with e.g. shut-off valves or transfer pumps, according to price list (see attachment)
  • Including installed coupling for tank truck hose

Filling pipe DN 80 on tank roof including inlet pipe into tank chamber down to 100 mm above tank bottom for each chamber. Corrosion protection (KRAMPITZ standard system for outdoor installation):

  • Inside: unprotected, oiled
  • Outside: coating (see attachment)
  • Other inner- and outer coating alternatives possible as options (see attachment)

Sunshield - optional For auxiliary equipment please attend to the pictured price list the attachment.

  • Electronic level measurement via central control as option available

Attention: Our containers are without gooseneck tunnel. Please inform the container transport company. Due to different national laws, standards and regulations it is recommended that the dispensers and payment systems are provided by the customer. Many oil companies have their own standard or have their own equipment for the electronic display. We will be glad to install and test your supplied equipment in our factory. If you like KRAMPITZ to supply the dispenser and payment system, please ask for a separate offer.


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