gas station container Oslo - Mining 10 ft.

gas station container Oslo - Mining 10 ft.Infogas station container Oslo - Mining 10 ft.gas station container Oslo - Mining 10 ft.gas station container Oslo - Mining 10 ft.gas station container Oslo - Mining 10 ft.gas station container Oslo - Mining 10 ft.

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safety mobile gas station container
standard equipment without optional accessories:
container• double walled
• material: steel S-235 JR
• vacuum controlled
dispenser• 50 ltr/min (calibratable)X
• 100 ltr/min (calibratable)
• hose length in m8
corrosion protection• external KTS-coating-system, RAL 7032
• internal coatingX
other items• CSC-plate
• preparation for sea transport

The Minotaur® gas station container is a cubical, doublewalled construction that is being operated as a mining-gas-station for diesel fuel. It is integrated in an ISO frame and unifies all advantages of the system. Particularly such as:                                       

  • transport - international approval for ship, rail and road (CSC), in empty and cleaned condition                                       
  • security - high static resistence; double walled construction with vacuum leak detector                                       
  • storage capacity - optimal room-content ratio because of its cubical construction                                       
  • equipment protected in one of the niches                                       
  • build for temperatures from -5° C to +50° C                                       
  • small investment costs: no need for an additionnal collecting recipient, a weight supporting underground is sufficient
  • The possibility exists to fit several functional niches inside the body of the Minotaur® that can be used for assembly of different technological equipment.


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